World Bank Group Conference

World Bank Group Conference

Analysis to Action: An Executive Program on Disaster Risk Finance in Africa

2 – 6 September 2019

Stellenbosch University

Photographer: Sandro Tasso

Sony A7III / Sony A9 / Sony 16-35mm f2.8 GM / Sony 24-70mm f2.8 GM / Sony 70-200mm f2.8 GM


The Chocolate Block 2018 Uncorked Festival 2019

The Chocolate Block 2018 Uncorked Festival 2019

Lot of fun lot of wine what else? The Chocolate Block 2018 at Boekenhoutskloof Franschhoek.

Come and taste The Chocolate Block 2018

The quest to understand the name of this wine and the wine itself is now the stuff of legend – it’s even launched a graphic novel (see here). While we are not about to reveal all, we can say that the style of the wine is a reflection of our belief that the Cape, with its Mediterranean climate, is eminently suited to blended reds. The make-up of this wine is tweaked from vintage to vintage to best reflect the season and the ancient vines of great character that are an integral part of the wine’s charm and personality.

For more info visit the internet page of Boekenhoutskloof press here.



are women and men who are implementing the SmartStart programme in communities throughout the country.
Also known as franchisees, these women and men receive the SmartStart training and quality approval before starting their early learning micro enterprises in their communities.
SmartStarters are giving children the power to succeed by providing access to affordable quality early learning.

Recognising the importance of the first six years in a child’s life and the huge gaps in provision, we provide a pragmatic, affordable solution to rapidly expand access to quality early learning. Our franchised programme is delivered through playgroups, day mothers and Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres to improve children’s readiness for learning, school performance and overall life success.

SmartStart was established in May 2015 to create universal access to early learning for three and four-year old’s. Since then, we’ve been providing an effective and affordable solution that enables unemployed women and men to run their own SmartStart programmes, and that empowers parents and communities to seek out and support this quality programme.

South Africa

Sony A7III
Sony 24-70mm f2.8 GM
Sony 85mm f1.4 GM