Olympus 300mm f4 PRO

Olympus 300mm f4 PRO

Olympus 300mm f4 PRO

Olympus 300mm f4 PRO what a wonderful lens from Olympus. (35mm equivalent: 600mm) is a precision instrument that delivers pristine optical rendering across the entire image ‑ all packed in a metal body that is one of the most compact in its class. The fast aperture of 1:4.0 gives you full control of your creativity and outstanding image quality. It features the world’s first* 5‑Axis Sync IS mechanism, which works with your OM‑D E‑M1 or E‑M5 Mark II to realise an enhanced compensation by 6 EV steps. Tipping the scales at 1270g, this M.ZUIKO lens is up to 75 percent lighter than competitor’s SLR lenses ‑ while continuing to provide equivalent focal lengths for your nature, sports, telemacro or stage photography. In all weather conditions, extreme mobility is yours for any photo assignment! This must‑have lens with the high‑speed focusing ability of less than 300ms using the E‑M5 Mark II is beyond comparison.

Some sample images taken with Olympus OM-D EM-1 and Olympus 300mm f4 PRO

Olympus Pen F

Olympus Pen F

Olympus Pen F
A timeless design. An extraordinary textured body. From the very first moment you touch the OLYMPUS PEN-F this camera will create a feeling of something special that will stay with you forever. The pure expression of OLYMPUS design that will inspire you for a lifetime.

Using multi shot technology the camera can produce 50 megapixel equivalent images in JPEG and an 80mp RAW file.  This obviously is best for static scenes and performance while on a tripod but is does allow for superb detailed images when needed.  This is especially suited for interiors and product type of photography.

Just a turn of the dial to Mono allows you to capture monochromatic images.  This mono mode has the ability to adjust the image based on color filters and degrees of intensity.  Under the Mode selector knob on top of the camera is a lever control and by pushing left or right on it you bring up different options on the rear LCD screen.  You can for example select simulated Red filter and then vary the degree of intensity of the filter. When shooting blue skies it’s just like applying colored filters in the traditional B&W days.

Some samples taken with the new Olympus Pen F in monochrome mode II


Feed back from attendees Olympus Lighting Vintage Workshop

Feed back from attendees Olympus Lighting Vintage Workshop 

We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from those who attended the workshop:


Via email:

Glynnis Schutte: “What a wonderful workshop this morning – thank you!

I found it to be an interesting learning experience, with Sandro giving good examples and practical demonstrations that had a useful “take-home” message.

Of course our wonderful model Blue Haired Betty was sensational. Please find attached the image that I loved the most. It was difficult to choose because they were all full of character and well exposed …and beautifully sharp with the Olympus mirrorless camera we were given to try out.  I like close up shots, but didn’t compose for a close up, so have cropped drastically – and still find the image to be of good quality. I have not done any photoshop work at all.”


Mariana Visser: “Once again thank you for a fantastic workshop.  I really enjoyed it and learned so much on Saturday.”


Simon Shiffman: “One of the most interesting and informative workshops I have ever attended. Very relaxed and professional and great premises.”


Lorenzo Swartz: “What a fantastic time it was at the workshop!

I would like to say thank you, as well to you and the team for a fantastic time and atmosphere at the workshop. Keep it up.

It was all worth it. It was not dragged out and we could participate physically in the workshop, that made it a big plus.

For me it was also a nice small group and that made a huge difference as well.

I did learn a lot and I can share it with others to improve their skills.

The quality of the photos taken with the Olympus camera was also amazingly good and the weight of the cameras, took me by surprise.

Olympus cameras can be a good investment to have and to own.  ”


Via Facebook:

Paul Nuttall: “What a great fun workshop yesterday at Cameraland. Led by Italian photographer, Sandro Tasso we enjoyed shooting with our own cameras and the Olympus OMD mirrorless system. The model was truly excellent with 3 set and costume changes in Vintage style. So too was the hospitality with coffee, muffins, sandwiches and coke with super lucky draw prizes, not to mention the free parking. Thanks to all the team at Cameraland.”

Mariana Visser: “Thank you Lana and the rest of the crew for a lovely Olympus Vintage-Inspired Studio Lighting Workshop with Blue Haired Betty. It was such a lot of fun and we learned a lot.”

Lwande Nabe: “@ CPT Cameraland Olympus Vintage-Inspired Lighting Workshop. Great experience with the team and Sandro Tesso. ‪#‎Awesome”

Blue Haired Betty

Blue Haired Betty Olympus Studio Lighting Workshop
Location: Cameraland Cape Town
Model: Blue Haired Betty
Photographer: Sandro Tasso Olympus Ambassador South Africa
Camera: Olympus OM-D EM-1
Lens: Olympus 25mm f1.8 and Olympus 45mm f1.8
Flash: Elinchrom

Great fun during the Olympus Lighting Workshop a big thank you to all our sponsors t would not have been spossible without the help of Sandro Tasso PhotographyThe Blue Haired BettyQuirky PartiesAngels Lace and Peninsula Beverage Company.


Studio Lighting Workshop

Studio Lighting Workshop

Studio Lighting Workshop Vintage Pin-Up sponsored by Olympus at Cameraland Cape Town

Come on saturday 6 february a basic studio lighting workshop.

time 08:30 – 12:30

cost: R100

Venue: Cameraland Cape Town

Studio Lighting Workshop
Olympus Photowalk

Olympus Photowalk Mother City

Some photos taken during the photowalk in the Mother City organized by Cameraland Cape Town and Olympus South Africa all photos taken with the new Olympus 7-14mm f2.8 PRO

Photographic course

Beginner’s photographic course

Location:FIXER Studios Woodstock Cape Town

more info at: info@wideangle.co.za or sandro@fixer.solutions




Olympus Ambassador South Africa

Hi Sandro,

We would just like to officially send you a mail and inform you that you are now an “Olympus Ambassador” for South Africa, congratulations.  We were very impressed by your great personality and attitude towards the brand last night and believe you will be a huge asset to the Olympus brand.

Kind Regards,

Michael Raddall
Marketing and Sales Manager – Sigma, Leica & Olympus

Olympus 40-150mm f2.8

Olympus 40-150mm f2.8 PRO

Sample images with the new Olympus 40-150mm f2.8 PRO

Sharp and nice bokeh

Well done Olympus!



the photograph “Flauto” and Sandro Tasso Photographer on Twitter

Olympus OM-D EM-1 | Olympus 12-40mm f2.8