Ormonde Wine Estate

Ormonde Wine Estate

Ormonde Wine Estate is situated on the West Coast of South Africa, where the rugged Darling hills roll and fall along the contours of a ancient granite intrusion. These molten rocks, forced from the earth to 300m above sea level, guard the Atlantic Ocean while banks of fog roll to the foot of the hills, blessing the vineyard with coolness and moisture.

At the start of the 18th century some 29 farmers occupied farms in the Darling area. Langfontein was one of these farms. Years later, the Darling Village Trustees Board succeeded in buying the Langfontein farm on 12 February 1853 for 50 000 guilder or 1 250 pounds. It was on this farmland where the village and church were founded. Darling was named after Charles Henry Darling who came to the Cape as Lieutenant Governor in 1851.

Some pictures taken at Ormonde Wine Estate please call for bookings for a delicious picnic platter or nougat / chocolate wine pairing!

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