Terms and Conditions

The Photographer (me) shall be the sole professional Photographer of the specified day and will not be held liable for over exposed photos caused by flash or lighting from other cameras/video cameras.
A non-refundable deposit of 50% of your chosen photography package is require to secure the date and my services. The booking fee cannot be exchanged for other services or products.
A non-refundable second and final payment of 50% is required 2 weeks before the day of the wedding.
200km total travel from Franschhoek is included thereafter R3.50 will be charged per extra kilometer.
Dinner should be provided for me the assistant or the second professional photographer.
Accomodation and breakfast must be provide for weddings further than 200km from Franschhoek.
Please allow 6-8 weeks for the post production of your photos.
Courier and delivery costs are not included in the package and if used will be charged for separatly.
Please bear in mind that the best light for your photos is one hour before sunset so remember to plan your day accordingly.
I do my own printing on A4 or A3 paper size but if you choose the option of a digital book album I work with 3rd party suppliers and I cannot be responsable for late delivery.
Signed at on this day of 2014

Photographer: Sandro Tasso
48B Village Artisan
Franschhoek 7690

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